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Investors & Entrepreneurs in Healthcare

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ArchiMed is an independent investment firm specialized in the Healthcare industry. ArchiMed is a strategic and financial partner to European and North American companies operating in the Biopharma, Medtech, Diagnostics, Life Sciences, Healthcare IT, Consumer Health, Public Safety and Care Services sectors.

ArchiMed’s international team comprises of individuals with investment, medical, scientific, technological and operational experiences. ArchiMed works alongside healthcare entrepreneurs to accelerate their business growth, through internationalization, product and service range expansions as well as capacity extension, both organically (innovation) and through acquisitions. ArchiMed’s partnering companies and entrepreneurs leverage ArchiMed’s industry networks throughout the world.

Over the last thirty years, ArchiMed’s leadership team has directly managed and invested in over forty small, medium and large-size healthcare companies throughout the world.

ArchiMed is committed to the improvement of Health outcomes both through its support for the Healthcare industry and through the Eurêka Foundation, which is a direct beneficiary of its returns on investment.

Silex 2, 9 rue de Cuirassiers, Lyon, France
Midtown, New York, United States
Pure-play Healthcare investor

At ArchiMed, we commit to providing strategic and tactical assistance, in addition to expanded financial capabilities, to the companies we partner with.

We have a deep understanding and robust expertise within the Healthcare market and many members of our team have a thorough and differentiated scientific background. ArchiMed’s diverse team bring strategic and operational insights, wide-ranging international experiences and extensive industry networks to our partner companies.

Our healthcare industry knowledge is complemented by a breadth of experiences in global private equity and finance.